Times are tough for all of us. Our daily lives have been turned upside down by this fast-spreading virus. Now, even more than usual, we need to work together, be there for each other and protect each other. The health of our internal employees, temporary workers and our customers is very important to us. We do our best to keep everyone as safe as possible while also supporting the continuity of our society.

The corona virus has not yet been diagnosed in any of Eastmen, but we keep in mind the possibility that this could happen. As a precaution, we have therefore taken extra measures:

  • Our internal employees work from home, including our foreign colleagues;
  • Despite that, we have the technology needed to run everything remotely and we are in constant contact with each other;
  • Our account managers do not visit companies at the moment and have canceled many appointments for the time being;
  • Important appointments can still take place by means of video calling;
  • No one is allowed to visit our offices until further notice;
  • Our recruiters take extra measures to ensure that our temporary workers are not or become ill and have not been in a risk area;
  • If a temporary worker should become infected, we have the option to quarantine them in one of our accommodations;
  • Our employees, internal, external and abroad, have been provided with information, in their own language, about the measures they can take to prevent contamination;
  • If someone does not feel well or is ill, they must stay at home, we do not take any unnecessary risks.

Our customers experience the consequences of the corona virus differently. For some this virus means the start of a quiet period and for others it is busier than usual. We want to help and support our customers as much as possible. Our entire team is working from home.

Worldwide, measures have been taken that can restrict the freedom of movement of our foreign employees. But this does not mean that it is no longer possible to find new people. Not all borders are closed and new employees can still travel to the Netherlands. There are also temporary workers who are now at home (in the Netherlands) because they are temporarily out of work due to the temporary closure of some companies. Those employees can be deployed where necessary and are ready to work and to help our customers.

Even in these times of uncertainty, we can still do a lot for our customers. The measures we have taken in connection with the coronavirus make our work more challenging, but we remain professional and we do everything we can to ensure the health of everyone. Together we will come out stronger!


The Eastmen team

Corona update: approach and protection for companies.



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