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Our company is growing and we are looking for a Slovakian speaking  Freelance Recruiter to join our international team (remote work).

Founded in January 2007, Eastmen is a Dutch employment agency specialized in recruiting European qualified and unqualified workers, and professionals for temporary or for permanent work in the Netherlands. The candidates are interviewed and selected by our recruiters from our offices in Budapest (2012), Târgu Mureș (2015) and Utrecht. The employees are working for our client companies, and Eastmen is the official employer according to the Dutch laws.

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Your main tasks:

  • In this position you are in daily contact with candidates from whole Slovakia
  • You will recruit mainly for Dutch companies from the metal industry, professionals such as: welders, CNC operators and programmers, truck drivers, mechanics, electricians etc.
  • You will talk to our Dutch colleagues from the office in Utrecht, daily (when you have time), in English, discussing all our open vacancies
  • We also have a good and easy software which we use for selecting and keeping our candidates in the database

The recruitment process basically means this:

  • Calling the candidates via phone and interviewing them about their work experience. Ask them as many questions as possible to see if they fit to any of our open vacancies
  • With the suitable candidates you will have a short video-interview as well, make them a new CV with our logo on it and send it to our clients in Holland, via our software
  • As soon as the best candidates are accepted by our client companies, their documents have to be sent via email and they have to be helped to plan their own travelling to The Netherlands
  • As soon as they arrive at the airport, our Coordinators will greet them and take them to the accommodation. In case they need a car, our Coordinators are also taking care of this

You are fitting the best in our team if:

  • You have good communication skills in Slovakian and English (is a must) written and spoken
  • You like to work with people
  • You love to talk on the phone with candidates
  • You are not afraid of cold-calling (calling people from CV databases)
  • You have talent and ¨a feeling¨ for sales. You know how to convince people to start working for Eastmen, in The Netherlands
  • You get energy from talking to people, and from working with them, and you always believe in possibilities
  • You focus only on solutions and never on problems
  • You like to organise your own work-day, in an independent and responsible way
  • You are proactive and able to handle stress, as sometimes you have to arrange everything in a short period of time, like one day or a couple of hours
  • You are eager to achieve good results

This is what we offer you:

  • You will work in a young and enthusiastic international team
  • You will receive a one-time payment per recruited candidate
  • The freedom to organise your own work (remote work)

APPLY NOW and be part of our nice team!

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