Frequent Asked Questions


No, the BSN number is a unique number and it cannot be deleted or changed. You do not need to renew it.

A BSN (burgerservicenummer) is the citizen service number, a unique registration number for everyone who lives in the Netherlands.

Opening a Dutch bank account is subject to the banks' policy. Normally you can, by making an appointment at the chosen bank. All documents needed from Eastmen will be provided.

DigiD is an online identity management platform that government agencies in the Netherlands, including the Tax and Customs Administration and Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, can use to verify the identity of Dutch residents. You can apply for it on the government website.

Yes, after 8 worked weeks you start to build up pension rights through the Stipp Basic plan and after 34 worked weeks through the Stipp Plus plan.

Yes, but only in the Netherlands.

No, this is against our policy. Please come to the Netherlands with enough money to support yourself for the first 2 weeks, until you get your first salary.

Yes, our coordinators will pick you up from the airport or from the train/bus station. They will drive you to the accommodation. This is a one time service.

No, when going on holiday you need to arrange the transport yourself. You can of course ask one of your housemates to bring you to the airport/bus station.

Holiday appointments are done in agreement with the company where you work. After you have the approval from the company, you just have to notify Eastmen about your holiday period by writing an email to the coordinators (help@eastmen.eu).

Yes, holiday payments are done according to law. For more information, please contact our coordination department at help@eastmen.eu.

Your room needs to be clean and no personal belongings should be left behind.

You are entitled to 25 days of paid holiday leave per year if you work on a full-time basis. 

All accommodations are within reasonable distance to work. Our policy is to place our workers as close as possible, depending on the possibilities. Please bear in mind that in The Netherlands, it is completely normal to drive to your job 30 - 50 km one way.

All our houses are equipped with everything necessary, including free wifi connection. Our SNF certification is a proof of the quality provided. If there are things missing, please contact help@eastmen.eu.

Yes, every person is accommodated alone in the room.

Yes, but only after informing Eastmen, 4 weeks before you move out, by sending an email to help@eastmen.eu.

Yes, in case you move to a private accommodation Eastmen will pay you an extra €20 Netto per worked day, with a maximum of 5 days a week.

This depends on how many bedrooms the accommodation has. Most of our houses have 3-4 bedrooms.

The insurance provided with Zorg & Zekerheid has a large coverage of treatments. You can contact the coordinators via help@eastmen.eu to give you more details.

No, in most cases, your BSN is enough to get access to healthcare in the Netherlands. Eastmen can provide you with an insurance card upon request.

You can request one by sending an email to help@eastmen.eu. This document is available as soon as you are insured.

Email your request to help@eastmen.eu and mention the name of your insurance company that you have back home. The form will be sent directly to your health insurance company.

Yes, please request it by sending an email to help@eastmen.eu and you will receive it through email.

This must be requested by sending an email to help@eastmen.eu. Eastmen will apply on your behalf at the SVB.

Yes, but please keep in mind that once you switch to another health insurance, you can only switch back to Eastmen at the start of every calendar year.

All contracts are sent to be signed electronically. You receive yours on the email address you provided at the beginning of your employment.

Yes, that is possible. You have to notify the coordinators in a written email to help@eastmen.eu, and provide a picture of your new bank account with the IBAN and your name on it.

We offer a large variety of jobs, so changing jobs might be possible. You have to contact your recruiter and he/she will provide you all available jobs and possibilities.

Renting a car is subject to availability. You can contact our coordination department about this. Please send an email to help@eastmen.eu.

No, according to the contract for phase 1 and 2 a contract can be terminated, from both sides, without a document to confirm it. If requested, Eastmen can provide a Statement of Employment as proof of your worked period at Eastmen.

No, all salary payments must be done to the personal bank account of the worker. It is legally not allowed to send the salaries to someone else’s bank account.

All payments for salaries are sent every week on Thursday. Usually it takes one working day for the payments to be processed, so the next day you should have the money in your bank account. Depending on the bank you are using and the services your bank offers, it might take a bit longer for the transaction to be processed. If something is not right regarding the payment, please click on ´answer not found´ to open a chat with us. Please contact your bank if you have a question regarding how long it takes for the transfer to be processed. 

All salary raise requests can be discussed with the coordinators after working for at least 3 months. The requests are allowed in December and in June. You can send a request to help@eastmen.eu.

According to Dutch law, all payslips must be in Dutch. We can provide you with a translation of the terms that are on the payslip. 

Salaries are paid out weekly on Thursdays, for the week before. So for example, in week 2 you will get the salary for week 1.

If you are not feeling well, you need to call in sick by informing the company you work for and our coordination department, before 09:00.  When you are feeling better and will be going back to work, you also need to inform the company you work for and our coordination department.

Travel expenses are covered in case you are the driver of the rented car and according to the initial agreement.


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