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Our goal is to make working in The Netherlands as easy and pleasurable for you as possible. So we do much more than simply match you up with a great job. At Eastmen, we’re your entry point, your guide and your support system, all in one. 

As a family business and a flat organization, we get things done quickly and efficiently. We’ve built up an enviable reputation and have gained the trust of the industries for whom we work. We start with interviewing you by telephone and/or video conference, or in person at one of our offices. The entire selection process can go quickly and you could be starting your first day of Dutch work within a week of signing an offer.

With you every
step of the way

We guide you through every stage. You’re briefed on everything you’ll need to know for your temporary job and life in The Netherlands. It’s important to us that you are content and focused, so that you can get off to a good start. After all, your performance is our promise to our clients and we want you to be at your very best from day one.

With Eastmen, working in The Netherlands couldn’t be easier!

  • Dutch contract in Romanian, Hungarian or English
  • All insurances and pension sorted for you
  • Complete transparency around pay and hours worked
  • Salary paid out in € every week
  • 24/7 assistance

As a family business, we’re fast and efficient. And we guide you at every step.

 Hiring process

  1. Tel/video or in-person interview
  2. Fast selection process
  3. Offer and contract
  4. Begin work in as little as a week!

 VIP treatment

  • Dutch contract in Romanian, Hungarian or English
  • All insurances and pension sorted for you
  • Complete transparency around pay and hours worked
  • Salary paid out in € every week
  • 24/7 assistance


Excellent jobs in a variety of sectors are just waiting for an experienced professional like yourself. What are you waiting for?

Order picker with EPT experience
Order picker with EPT experience Do you want to work in a place where connection between people and mutual respect is the key to a successful customer-company relationship? An important Dutch company that abides the rule “The more you expect from us, the more we try to exceed your expectations”, is looking for an order […]
Wooden construction builder/Carpenter
Wooden construction builder/Carpenter Do you like to show your mastery in wood processing? A producer and direct supplier of wooden frames and wooden skeleton to large construction companies is looking for a wooden construction builder/carpenter. Job description: Your main tasks on a daily basis will be the assembly and creation of a wood skeleton construction based […]
Welding Robot operator/programmer in The Netherlands
Do you enjoy doing your job and you would like to earn more experience working with modern equipment, in developed cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Maastricht or Groningen?  We are hiring a welding robot operator/programmer, for our clients and partners from all over The Netherlands. What are we looking for? Availability for relocation to […]
Warehouse worker
Do you like teamwork and do you like to keep things well organised? We are hiring a warehouse worker for our Dutch client in Heerhugowaard, who is specialised in designing and producing plastic products, pipe systems, filters, oil tanks, drip trays (for oil and chemical industry), bins for the storage of (semi)-finished products and garbage, […]
Truckloader Do you want to gain experience in logistics? One of the head leading logistics service providers for warehousing, cooling and freezing distribution of foodstuffs is looking for a truckloader. Here the food is daily delivered under strict conditions from multiple locations to all retailers, wholesalers and food service channels within its extensive distribution network […]
TIG and MIG-MAG Welders for The Netherlands
Are you an experienced welder and would you want to develop professionally working in a clean and modern environment, in The Netherlands?   We are inviting you to learn more about our job offers. We are hiring TIG welders and MIG/MAG welders, with or without certificate, for our clients and partners, in important cities from all […]

Ready to boost
your career?

Ready to boost
your career?

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