You are entitled to 25 days of paid holiday leave per year if you work on a full-time basis. However, you first need to work and build up those days before you can take any time off.

When you go on holiday you have 2 options, you either continue to pay for the room and you can leave your personal belongings there, or you take all your personal belongings with you and leave the room empty and clean for someone else to use it.

Yes, when you go on holiday, the holiday money you built up during your working time is paid out proportionally to the number of days you go on holiday and the amount you built up.

This depends on the company you work for. They need to be able to miss your work for the period that you are on holiday. Before planning and booking any holiday, you should discuss your plans with your supervisor and get their approval first. After you have the approval from the company you work for, you need to notify our coordination department about your holiday period. Please send an email to with your name and holiday period and our coordinators will register it in our database.



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