No, according to the contract for phase 1 and 2 a contract can be terminated, from both sides, without a document to confirm it. If requested, Eastmen can provide a Statement of Employment as proof of your worked period at Eastmen.

Renting a car is subject to availability. You can contact our coordination department about this. Please send an email to [email protected].

The insurance provided with Zorg & Zekerheid has a large coverage of all treatments. You can contact the coordinators via [email protected] to give you more details.

We offer a large variety of jobs, so changing jobs might be possible. You have to contact your recruiter and he/she will provide you all available jobs and possibilities.

Yes, that is possible. You have to notify the coordinators in a written email to [email protected], and provide a picture of your new bank account with the IBAN and your name on it.

All contracts are sent to be signed electronically. You receive yours on the email address you provided at the beginning of your employment.

Corona update: approach and protection for companies.



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