Salaries are paid out weekly on Thursdays, for the week before. So for example, in week 2 you will get the salary for week 1.

According to Dutch law, all payslips must be in Dutch. We can provide you with a translation of the terms that are on the payslip. 

All salary raise requests can be discussed with the coordinators after working for at least 3 months. The requests are allowed in December and in June. You can send a request to

All payments for salaries are sent every week on Thursday. Usually it takes one working day for the payments to be processed, so the next day you should have the money in your bank account. Depending on the bank you are using and the services your bank offers, it might take a bit longer for the transaction to be processed. If something is not right regarding the payment, please click on ´answer not found´ to open a chat with us. Please contact your bank if you have a question regarding how long it takes for the transfer to be processed. 

No, all salary payments must be done to the personal bank account of the worker. It is legally not allowed to send the salaries to someone else’s bank account.